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Related article: Date : Tue, June 27, 2006 April 55th 0000 17 From: Christian. U003cxangel hotmail. com u003e Subject : Brock Drive - Part 7 ( load ) The last part of "Hard Brock " - thanks to all who have followed this story and told me how much you like ha! Look for other stories about me in the Authors section on " Xangel. " Thanks return n Friday morning, my father went to work as usual done. I worked in the house, picking things up and put them away, cleaning and mowing Nude Preteens the lawn and some new images for editing my ​​film. Around 1230 in the afternoon, when my father I say it's late, and have Saturday off. No freaking excited about this news shows. Then Colby called me and said he'd be home hosted by four o'clock in the afternoon and I him and throws in my desire to wear a white jockstrap under his pants. He agreed with a smile, and assured him that strange requestMina has its advantages. If the house was clean, I went to Dad 's room and began to to make arrangements for tonight. I wanted the space is cozy, but with some extras. I have a bottle of lubricating oil on both sides of the bed , towels under the bed and a few surprises in the head. if all the n it was completed, I went on my two cameras in the room of shelves dad who is covered. I made sure the movement is active, so I not run the batteries. Do not forgot the If sex was complete, I took a shower and began to dinner. Was the least I could make dinner. He had done n 3. 30 and I knew that Colby would arrive on time as usual. I only the table for three, when he knocked at the door. open, I stood for a moment just to see. his Dark green eyes met mine and I smiled at first. Her hair pulled back of his face and wearing the slightest hint of eyeliner ^ oa charcoal his dark eyes to give the mystical life. I smiled and remembered the first time I laid eyes on him. ", the patch is thicker. " He told me to go to the in the dark hair on the lip. "Fuck, but I 've missed. " The kiss that bastard was delivered with much more intense depth licking my face and felt my back. I pushed back to the door and pushed it closed, as I pressed against the wall as Glen Close Michael Douglas has sex in the film they made together. There no cracking of the clothes as they thought it might be, but some heavy stroking my cock growing through my jeans and a strong kiss make my dick so hard. " So what 's new with you ?" 'I wonder what happened to the air they need. " You have done a very hot, because she s gone? " " Now that you mention it, I did. " I said how is on the couch beside me. to proceeded to give you the short version of what s happening to his father and me. When I told him that his face was unreadable no , but wrong. It was sad, but it was expressive, either. is is a transformation strange to say the least. When n to the end and said tonight, I waited patiently for an answer one way or others. I lay on the couch and prepared for the worst, just n case. " Are you mad at me? " I asked after a long pause. "Fuck no!" Colby said with a smile on the face of his progressive s. "Shit, her father after he broke out in the woods that night, how could I be mad at you for the same ? I think it's hot, let me age man. " It was music to my ears. I quickly filled with what Colby would be scheduled for the night and times of arrival of the guests of his father. When I told him everything, he seemed very excited and hope dos a our first guest to arrive. I was very well that she was so enthusiastic s of thisI like the part and the woman driving at all. if s was shot by one of these, I'm sure he would not live are just at the time. O ^ soon as it was the idea that the father of my s is a reality that I see every time I wanted I could. To obtain the time, Colby and I've worked a bit more in my video. in the last minute editing of the film, and Nude Preteens it sounded n swear, instant erections criticized both the sound! I know I certainly devil! I was so excited about this, did not know what to do! Colby stopped while I was confined almost to the door. A sly look came her beautiful face and asked if I could open the door. I did not know n see why any of us make a difference, so I told him about my n will host "Hello. " Colby said his father when he opened No door and stepped aside to admit her father. "I see you are right. Dress" Colton was wearing tight jeans and shirt setthat hugged her slim body. Sandals completed all the damage that s all, and I smiled at this. Had it done when I had asked, it would be much time with him naked belly and hard as hell. I saw it was clean n scratching shaved off his mustache growing by the day and I said a silent thanks when he was Nude Preteens about to the edge of my ass. I do not as the roaches, the stubble. ", and you're still dressed, period. " Colton replied to of his son. "Do you not your friend says that the dress code for this small party " Colby said, he began his shoes s pulling her dark jeans with a strong "Indeed , he did. "- white jockstrap show that hugged his crotch and up the ass perfectly. His shirt followed n and let his hair. "Here I am dressed. " " Are you hungry at all? " I asked Colton, me n my ​​manners. " I'm not here to eat. " Colton said with a smile, not the eyes of his son. "Well, nott of food, at least. " " So why are you here, Dad? "Colby said the slow pace of his father. " to fuck the shit out of my son and his friend, until the two n they can not walk straight for the next week. "Colton said on, his voice deep and rich Nude Preteens and sweet maple syrup. " Sound good for you, Colby? " " Oh, hell yeah. " " Where is your father? "Colton asked, finally. " Y Nude Preteens n why are you still dressed? " Asked the green button-down shirt wearing dark ". I have not come for dinner, guys. I came here for my sucking cock in the ass fucking and young people. Let 's get to it, gentlemen! "The s left, begins his shoes and stripped off his shirt. " I'm game, let's go. "Colby said the way to the room of s. I followed behind him, under my shirt. " Hell, if I am not to have sex? " went to Dad's room single file and Colby was the first time in the bed. His hair was dark curls on his shitAnd his eyes ould Dark shine like diamonds. I kissed him deeply before rising in bed with him to Colton, he entered the room and strange n closed the door behind him. Although covered it with black tape, I knew the camera was turned on and capture the majestic Father Colby of entry. " So, you want something to start fucking on the bed, eh ? " Said entered the room, barefoot and without pants. " I n know sucking cock two, but it's better fucking on her knees on the floor ". I wasted no time in the position and Colby continued more slowly. I was sort of off the shit all these verbal business. " Well, I heard you wanted this for a while eh n, ? " Colton said Colby was kneeling on the ground before him. "This is large meat into her throat little greedy ? " " Yes, sir. " Colby said slowly, word, and caress of a lover. " I can ask your co tasteck, sir? " played the game and won ! Her father raised her sweet cock n and placed it gently on the lips of Colby opened as if by magic in a n is a perfect " O to take " I like a hypnotized in Mungo notes, for example father and son played this beautiful waltz of pleasure for me. " to get here and lick my body, my child. "Colton heads, raised his arm in the head. " Suck my hole and then work on my nipples. It s well and I could allow a sample of manrod well. gives " I kissed and licked my way chest deep in your armpit sweat and really enjoy the fragrance. too many people to hang deodorant, hated things, and I was grateful Colton not lead to it. stripes across my tongue very thick hair there, I sucked in it and clean all traces of sweat before it can have N ^ scathing leaving a pleasant taste in my mouth, I like his right hand moved nipple, as shown. " S ^ Yes sucking, playing with the ring. " I got the tongue in the silver ring and gently, as I got my closed the teeth, as well as in the meat tender and easily chewed. I hands caressing his body to do what his right hand was now on the queue. " This is a child, Colby slowly and gently suck.... Bring me down no,, n of me. " Colton gently, but with an edge. "Now it goes from n behind me and start working on my eggs, Brock. " Dependent I did what I was told that the work of the crumpled bag of jewels of the language as n if it gave a wrong from there. My hand relaxed in the ass crack and I found his hole quickly. I was careful not to push back Colton complain until I leave... which occurred shortly after starting to play n to him. Colby was so engrossed in his work that does not even know was too close to him. " Oh, yes, my son, who is so beautiful. " Rubbing convinced Colby Colton the face gently. "Yes, Dad, I feel great, my son. " moaned long and hard against his father collapsed Colby and art at him as if ringingRing! His hands gripped the columns hairy of his legs and used them as leverage to set a slow pace and methodical No suction, breathing, sucking, and to guess, licking the bottom the shaft as he with me. cock Colby flowed across the floor ! So in the exit n of his old service personnel at this time that there was nothing more to it. " Yes, you do not like daddy 's cock, boy are you?" Colton, whispered to the of his son groaning his pleasure. "Show me, baby. Make fresh cum with her father the mouth. Can you do that for me ? " Nude Preteens A groan was the answer in the affirmative and left me temporarily balls swing low a closer look. I moved around them are a on the side, n of this beautiful act rather than remain fascinated me. hands rested gently in Colton back of the head of his son, and was n gently guides you along, to persuade the meeting with words of encouragement, and with your hips. Colby mouth was literally making this his love father cock, hollowed cheeks and beautiful lips and ridicule n drawn perfectly. I was not in awe of this moment and broke away from him when I had to. I would like this afternoon with Colby n , and gave me a slight glance at the camera, which is perfectly angled for this action. " Your friend is watching my son. " Colton is very light. "You n such that he can see that his hard cock like a shaft of the arrow in the n that? " odded n Colby, his mouth still attached to her father 's cock. I felt the hand of his s on my cock and begin to promote the development of side to side on their way to the ^ me to enjoy what was going on here. I looked in complete attention to what he did, every time you eat, your father Colby moaned and echoed the feeling of joy. It was really enjoy the pleasure that he gave his father and it was quite W ^ n "Beautiful Thing, right? " that he stopped and looked at the door, then. The exact idea in her head in my s there had been VOICe ^ O my father ? He was assisted at the door , stark naked, only the things in your bedroom. "Dad? " " Quite the party, my son. " He said, looking around Colby and father of s. "Did you plan this? " " Yes " I said, without lying to try. Without a word, he closed the door and bolted. Upon reaching the room, was put behind me and put his right hand in the mouth of the pass, the wrist between my asscheeks introduced and began to bite his neck, while his On the other hand , pulled on my nipples. His breath was warm and cream mint, the smell was all people, as it did on me, pressing our bodies tight. Actually growled a little as he pulled the neck that and bites me in jest. " Does that mean I finally got them all to myself? " He asked me : his teeth grazing the neck and shoulders, her hands massaging my nipples n and the tissue breast. " No interruptions, without breaking the mad on us... like you, me, my cock and ass ? " " Oh yeah". Gimoed against him, feeling the same topic of conversation growing among us. " Lie Nude Preteens down in bed face down ^ Ö. " I did as I said, no doubt. I crossed my arms and put my head in , and waited, I open my legs and arched her back. I felt my body father to move between them, and I thought for a second that had n pretending to wait for lubrication or relax or anything ^ Ö only to start beating on me. I wish I had known better, even without his hands the company pulled my cheeks apart and sliding the tongue even more firmly in! Hands daddy 's ass, apart from his tongue began to decline, concentric circle around the tight ring of muscles. " This is wonderful, my son... suck harder. " Colton said that behind us and my throbbing cock. I do not know what to talk about the evil that gets me is, HOT! "Yeah, suck harder, honey... the use of milk throat cum father him. " was blessed by commercial breaks and how the language of my father \\ \\ n round hole crack in my back, IHe knew, liked it too. A hand that slid up and down the back, where the tongue and then processed again to follow, a Set a sensual movement of her hand, like his verbal perspective of their work. There was some relaxation in the movement of the hand, and melded more. It was like an eel sliding warm n along wonderfully tender and in the hole in my ass! His tongue ran is the length of my crack and settled among them, so that sorry my approval for this technique. "Baby... " Colton said that behind us. "Dad, I will. " Once again, my father put his tongue in me. I realized what it was when Colton took the floor and my father did the same. " Daddy's going to cum in your throat warm. " The use of the word " father " was. That was what forced my father to lustful fits. I would use this new knowledge to my advantage. with slight movements, Dad slipped his tongue into my hole and then dumped in the interior. than wait that long. The feel of her sweet mouth snake made ​​me mad and my cock was flowing from under me, you do not see the creation of the more wet spot on the bed for a while I had my trusty camera and O ^ s they took everything ! fingers Dad dug into the soft flesh of me and my ass and pulled me apart, so that his tongue could slide fully into me! his mustache brushed against me, and I clung to my hole in his tongue, and to spit flows everywhere. The hot material that made me think that can be exciting for me his sperm. Search of a finger found its way into my hole and I relaxed enough to enter the top slowly. " FUCK! " Colton swore behind us and turned my head to catch them. "Fuck, baby! Here comes ^ North Carolina, which is oriented to Prepare Suck ^ n to live off daddy's cock, boy! " Seen n I bent legs Colby set and bringing the head back to the top of her father 's cock remained firmly planted behind his lips. his poor body indoorsthrough movement in his left hand and reached Colby, the hair on the head to Nude Preteens remain silent. Colton was literally shaken orgasm when her body was shaking from head to toe once a crack before his animal growl in his throat and filled the room. " God damn shit, boy! That damn eat cum! Eggs out of me! " N groaning Colby was an incredibly lucky. He shook his head with what is sure, was the first powerful blast of man - and worked his jaws cream swallow the second and third. Another moan came out of it as he pressed his lips to the head, milking his mouth. was on the receiving end of the mouth, and I knew what his father sits n be. " That was good, my son. " Colton said, taking his son to kiss. " You make a hell of a bastard. Better than your brother, and also it says a lot. " Colby Colton moved to the chair beside the bed and sat down. with the appearance of a gentleman bowing to the king, Colton knelt down and out of position Tion of his arm, I would say that Colby took the cock in his hand. of fascinating look at Colby 's face must have been licking her father s head. It was a look that I noticed. The favor he had done for of his father was about to be returned. finger Dad slipped deeper and grabbed my ass like it. that leaned against me, and I relaxed a little more for it. " Yes, it's a boy. " I said, that the firm tone, but his words as which he was talking about when I was younger. "Open for me... " His hand slipped, his fingers slipped into a bit more and feel overwhelmed me. A slight noise, not quite all that came out of my lips. "It's good, eh Brock? " Dad almost a growl. " Do you like the finger? I love my cock up that slide, boy -o. " He began to A second finger slid slowly toward me and a pleasure to in my hole and extended outward about me. Somehow, my father must have known that I never fucked complete. Sure, some guys I had, but no one had asked of his cock into me. I just do not wanTed is, and until I was ready a fuck the shit out of them in return, do not seem to mind. Maybe he was waiting for this all the time and had never known. fingers Dad slid back and forth several times and I could hear that he stroked his cock with his free hand. Looking between my legs, hand saw - washed down with the meat dish and my mouth. It was really to do so... and I was just a small fine. His hands twisted his fingers loosened my sphincter a little more. I pushed something against your fingers, and this should be the signal that had been his seek. He slowly moved his hand and put the length of the knock on my crack as he rested a minute. "Okay, Brock ?" I asked, her hands massaging my ass. " I'm fine. " I said to him, looked over his shoulder. His cock swelled lubrication own. ".. Do It To Me" I said truthfully. " Fuck me, Daddy. " His cock jumped violently on the floor and his eyes blazing hot wthat s of losses. The head fell into my hole and stayed there for long. Potatoes s hands pulling on my ass and I felt the car in. My head hole ^ o resisted at first tell me the pain was not pleasant. spicy red like the head, pushed completely followed, but did not say anything to indicate this. ^ O I waited, and my father has done. The pain was a little pushed forward so that I was a little more. Push past the pain, ^ o moaned deliberately clears my father gives me the following bit ^ nice tail, or what Nude Preteens he did. " Yes.. " I moaned as he moved more and more, a little at every second. When pulled his cock, ass relaxed a little cleaner with his pubic bone my ​​cheeks. " Damn it, Dad. 're All-in " "I'm on my son. " He said, back in his hands round my body, rubbing palms on my nipples and the Nude Preteens belly and back. " Let me have the feeling, for a minute. " " Take your time. " I came back, put the feeling of complete that was washing over meand more. "I'm fine. This n is a long time for this... I've been waiting so damn long. " " is good then? " "Sprite ! " I told , knowing that he would know what he meant. The cock in the ass and I was hurt in the throat, it seemed. da s were some intense stabbing pain when you move your dad, but the sense of to be full of them seemed to overflowing. My father 's hands went under me I was glad that I just caught the interest of the n Nude Preteens fucks me. He did what he was, I did... I of his son and that was another way to express your love for me. " Damn it, Dad! " Colby to give up the chair next to him. Dad and I turned to look at Colby arc flexible body in the air, his his arms crossed and his hands planted on the arms of the chair. His face was a mask or ' admired and emphasized the desire to work with the release and pleasure as he pushed his hips in the face of his father. Growled his pleasure, and after a few strokes of the hip had to break in the chair. potatoCola responded well to the scene, and I had to make me smile. It was as a horn - dog, the old. "What wilt thou, my son? " Colton said, standing, turned that beautiful ass n to us. " You want to make the old man of work, that hole? " Was Colby in the chair and his father took him around the waist, threw it over his shoulder. The two turned to us and Colton face brightened at the sight of my father buried in me. He brought Colby on the bed and lay on him, my friend the stomach stirred with n after running - shortness of breath. I kissed her, tasting her sweet salty. " Pretty good, huh ? " Colton before I asked my father to give her a kiss. " fuck. " Colby said, given ^ o his words reflect my feelings. "We are always there, my son. " Colton respond when the kiss was broken with my Dad. It has " a little room, boys. " dad for me on the bed. I was on his knees, in front of Colton , and Colby was kneeling beside me, watching my father. Our father could on the floor with fuck in his spare time. It was a good set- up and The cameras catch them all ! Its location in the room was perfect for him! Colton was not as simple as a father and his son was with me. It was a team heavy lubricant handy -dandy of a bottle of hot water and that the meat slowly opened my friend. Colby 's face was beautiful to see a thing, and he leaned over to kiss me, her tongue sliding directly in my own mouth to swirl. He complained against me, and I opened eyes to see his father beats his asscheeks and plow rest of his penis forward. Colby always liked to rough and far from being a virgin. " This is good, my son! " Colton boasted that his hips rotate a little. "Take my ​​dick like a pro! Swallow the rod into the hole, boy! Yes.. that is hot! " Dark hair Colton pubic bodies were visible round balloons above Colby in the ass and the whole scene was very hot. He groaned aloud, almost animal sound to s, and in his hipsrked side to side slowly, if can be used to your new penis full of atmosphere. Colby and let my mouth saw the look of joy on his face. Dad relaxes at the time. Your form filling and slowly pulled me back arched the back to ease their transition. A flow of joy went through me, time. I leaned forward and rested my head on the shoulder of Colby. the hand of his s beneath me slipped below are based on my right nipple, and second, dad took my other hand. Together they went on the train only right to tingle only time my body from toes to head! Papas tail moved convulsively, and it was a little noise before pushing back on me. I needed air and a nice wash, sent the n me and asked if I was okay. " I'm fine... I did not expect. " I replied. "Long board, Dad ? I do on your cock, slow movements ? " " Oh, my son. " He told me to deepen in the queue. "Music to my ears, s son... music. " balls touched my ass and pubic hair scratching against me, as moved its n hips to the bottom. A warm and wet hit Colton and a groan or sigh alternating Colby told me that his father had found the pace they were comfortable y Colby saw her face turn in pleasure with the pain of up to two and merge back in delight when he took his father. hand had in my shoulder, other support of its weight. It was grip me every fall, and a pacemaker to the way the father of her s did. " Take me, my son. Take me in your ass ! " Colton groaned, his hands working his son's body back and forth swinging your hips in the same motion. "I'm beating you? Sorry? Damn, but that about. You are so warm and strong! " My own cock was full of desire, as my father picked up slowly. his hands worked my hips toward him and away from him, as it fills and I am drained. His body moved back and forth in slow motion, the increased my own pleasure. The gentleness that seemed today with my father and silently thanked him for this. I was not prepared rough and bloody roar Colby was enjoying apparently I moved my legs under me so that I make in the arc instead of my father, and when I did, it Colby moved the body. Looking N , I saw that his father did ^ o put your child in a better position to achieve its axis. Colby had his back ^ east and sliding under me! With his penis in her new position, Colton abuse began in the ass front of him on set as Colby pulling my nipples with his mouth His hands found my cock and quickly began to fondle me. Long and sweet n pull my dick and Papas meets deepen made ​​me in the vicinity of Cumming all over again! push against my father had a little rhythm. " Oh, my son... yes ^ or work, sweet ass. " Sang to me. "Show me want to , so that everything I do. " N " I think Dad... I want you inside me every inch ^ o " leaned forward and put his arms ringand me n my nipple free in his hand and he turned with a natural sweetness. His breathing increased , and I knew that my words had led to this new rhythm. I way to increase the depth of it when I heard, Colton show a number of the harshness that my father electrified. It was a feeling - stirring What you feel the change in my father. I knew he would not hurt me intentional, but he needed his own pleasure, too. "Do it Dad. " I convinced her to let him know I was not going to hurt me. "Do you die ^ or to fuck me more. I can take it. " N And I thought I could. Straining, hips held in Colby and dropped my head on her belly as my father grew restless at their own pace bits. My father complained against me, and he was holding reply him in the ass. Before me, juicy cock leaked Colby delicious, her pubic hair bright with semen. I milked my father when I n raised his head slightly and licked the Colby- tap - offer. " Yes, baby... "Colby groaned under me. " Suck my cock while my ass daddy- dicked but good! " " Oh, shit ! "Colton said. "What a great idea! Sucking cock, Brock! Back to my son is very messy! " My father connected the ass with a durability that far from being brutal, but it over delicate. Her hands dug into the flesh of the ass of my s and grabbed, pulled me him, as he came in me ^ o drive. " This guy has sweet ass pussy I just saw my old 've ! "Colton said ^ is almost to my father. " Tight and went to damn it, he was. Damn, but you have to try, if ready, Mr. D. , " father complained to the invitation and I knew that somewhere in their greed -. leak, that s that recognized and given away, there was shit to shit before Colby enough. to me, began to work harder, push further and more n frequency. He approached me the way Nude Preteens of Colton in the sweet, soft instead of Colby meat n using their hips and bodies as lever to get deeper. took the Higher Education Actd by Colby 's cock in the mouth and a deep voice that immediately. A groan came out from under me and his hand on my dick n drew. The difference in the height of our age against him, as I felt the tip his tongue licking my flesh. I moved a little and forced my father, Colby game and forced the same attitude toward his father. The small movement on our part led to his mouth on my cock and sucked me so harder than the reward. daddy ground her hips on me every time I pushed forward and he groaned joy at each forward movement. "Like it, baby?" He asked, without leaving their movements. " As the line for steaming ass ? You want to be fucked, Brock? " N moaned deep and long, to let you know, I've done. " Yes, he likes it. Look Deep Throat, my son is fucking love that daddy -dick ! Give it to make deep ^ or stud. Fucking good guy hard ". Colton persuades him, and I felt the pace to increase again. Soon my father was like a bull and holding hands ^ Ö Unmovieng in the ass. He started working harder and harder to deal with a lot of energy more, damn my ass harder and faster ^ ^ Ö Ö faster and stronger with at any time. Colby Colton hole attack was in the n much the same pace. I felt the beating of my own bullets is going to happen and that s all Nude Preteens I could do was complain about Colby 's cock in the mouth. that s is de- fucking- believable! It happened so fast I do not know how it started or initiated n ^ N. My ass was shaking a bit with a smart blow of my father s hand and Colton voice echoed in the room of my father cried out ^ o ^ o " You're going to get, motherfucker! " \\ \\ n I felt the first shock of the load of cum ^ o Colby broke warm and silky in the mouth and quickly filled. I tasted the sweet, spicy salt and enjoyed his sperm for a long time before she forced continued to swallow their eruptions. Her hips arched, and felt her body tense beneath me. " swallow everything, Brock ! Take it All, the son of a bitch! " Colton jury. " Shoot the load, said Colby ! " Father Knows - when his own fever broke in my ​​ass. " I'm fucking Cumming, guys! Yes, I ^ or sweet filling ass, but good will, Brock ! Keep it for me, my son! Keep that ass for daddy! N " I was forced on it ^ o my ass pushed up and crashed violently in its convulsions, spitting cock as he emptied me. below me, Colby moved to its mouth and sucked me and I felt like I orgasm begins to stir in my balls and the tip is not my cock. I n ^ N, but I was so damn close! " Yes Mr. D! Cuuum the sweet ass! They show a good run ! " Colton said, still beating Colby. ^ Ö Awww FUCK! Take charge son! " Colby groaned under my command, and saw sharpening face mask Colton cumming-pain/pleasure. His hands held Colby balls and pulled them as I swallowed the last thing her son had to offer. when I took my mouth of his cock, I felt the touch of another source and just do a for some time to another sheetm Colton cock in my country 's cheek, and run fast on my face. Cum splashed on the stomach of Colby and Colton pubic hair and spit out the tail juice. Colby groaned again as he pushed in his mouth against me the last time before it began to vomit my sweetness own pearl ! My moans matched Colton when he told me that milk drained and drop everything in my arm! To underline this, Dad 's cock slid into me completely, and maintained that Do not pull my nipple to underline my cum. It was like a the activation of emotions, as they complained loudly and collapsed on the side of Colby ^ space to breathe, or even when our parents slipped from our No collective asses. "Fuck that was hot ! " Colton said that when he fell backwards into the chair behind him. " I am second. " Said his father, until the night table for " Quick- cloths" I had arranged. "My son, who is actually donkey deep daddy dick. " " It was fantastic. " Colby said, moved in the bed, and to pillow, where he put his arm behind the head andsighed deeply. "Now I have to know what it takes so long and Charlton go home when you go Granville" " I never knew you had a brother. " I said, and remained among its legs. "Is it as hot as you and your father ? " N "It looks like my mother. " Colby said with a smile. "For most of the part. 's Hairy like his father, but he seems to side of the family. blond hair and skin and something ^ o light in my darkness n. " " you may have to meet him, too? "Colton offered. "He is in the Navy by what has been for some time. " " Who's hungry ?" Father asked to clean the head of his cock. " I n I know you, but I 'm damn hungry and I realized I did Brock is a damn dinner. " " I could eat a horse. " Colton said, standing and directing the door. " Come, my son. " Dad told me, swatting my ass. "There is no need to dress, either. I'm sure you do not do much after eating only We are ready for dessert. " that smiled and kissed him back, when after he bent to kiss me. "And then we see these bands. "I said slyly, so that only Colby and I heard him. " I know my son well enough to know that first experiences of this kind do not happen without him in the video. ^ I guess video or Miscellaneous. I can not wait to see the finished the product. " With that out of the room, laughing at himself. Colby kissed and licked my sperm from drying the face. " Your father is easy and my son. "He told me, hugged me fixed. " I'm glad you organized all this. You are an intelligent and N ^ hot motherfucker, Brock. I'm glad I met you. " was a delicate moment for us. His words touched me somewhere that I Dad, Colton, or anyone else had ever gotten. It was a very special I knew at the time was just Colby and kissed him back... let them know that I found myself happy to have him was there.
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